NutreeHerb Turmeric Pasumanjal Paste


Fresh Turmeric Paste is prepared with fresh turmeric, pepper & garlic to increase the bioavailability of curcumin present in fresh turmeric. The rawness of all the ingredients are fused together to form the most powerful immunity booster. The taste and the multitudes of use makes it a valuable addition to the kitchen for a healthy intake.


Benefits of fresh turmeric paste

It has potent Anti-Inflammatory Antioxidant & Antibacterial Properties

It strengthens the Immune System

It boosts digestion & relieves from Constipation & Gastritis

It helps to prevent Heart Diseases, Alzheimer’s & Cancer

It helps to reduce Depression & Arthritis Problems

It detoxifies the liver


Direction of usage

Take 10 gram globule of fresh turmeric paste, chew & taste it with your saliva to increase its absorption

It can also be swallowed with water after your food

It can be consumed from five years onwards

It is recommended for eating only & not for external application


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