Welcome to mpr foods

With expertise in logistics industry & chain stores for more than 25 years MPR Foods spells aloud the mantra that we spread prudent food lifestyle and an exemplary positive enforcement to self and to the space around by way of its unique healthy line of foods. Healthy, probiotic, vitamin rich food items are always at your reach with MPRs Naach and Nutreeherb brand .
Naach has manifested a list of healthy snack bites that are a unification of energy rich sourced Roasted almonds, trailed by coconut chips, kuthiravalli mixtures, Ragi Murukku and Ribbon Pakoda, Samai KaraBoondi, roasted assortment of sunflower, melon, chia, flax seeds and Roasted cashew nuts.

Nutreeherb as its name implies nutritional herbs & spices like turmeric are processed to get the wholesome of its values in such a way acts like food as medicine. In the method of going back to our tradition, valuable products like fresh turmeric paste, probiotic pickles, Turmeric latte are prepared & many more are yet to add our family.

Our mission

To provide healthy, Nutritious and great tasting food in extraordinary ways at a clean environment by better serving the needs of our consumers, customers and communities to pursue a healthy , active life.

Our Vision

To create a Healthy eating habit around the global through the power of influencing the eating habits with food as medicine prepared in a special way to retain its nutritional values


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