NutreeHerb Probiotic Lemon Pickle


Perfect Mouthwatering Goodness

Enriched with antioxidants. Pickled garlic has been proven to lower the risk of colds. Low in calories. Lowers blood pressure. Increases life expectancy. Reduces fatigue and raise stamina levels. Lemons (Citrus limon) are among the world’s most popular citrus fruits and common household ingredient. There are many ways to enjoy lemons, and one such way is our Nutree Herb lemon pickle. This carefully mastered popular delicacy is a blend of selected lemons treated in special ingredients for maximum taste and satisfaction. It is an umami (pleasant savoury taste) inducing element of a meal because it has all the flavours, including sourness, sweetness, saltiness, spiciness and a bit of bitterness.

Contain zero saturated fats or cholesterol.
Have natural preservative
Rich in vitamin c
Helps to build immunity
Reduces sugar levels


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