About Us

     We, MPR Food products a young & fresh firm have charmed our end users with our quality, convenience and compatibility in a short span of time. We work towards preserving it and will flourish with new innovative products. We are an optimistic group led by our cool Chairman Dr. Bhargavi R with a perspective of converting the process of cooking into an easy & a passionate work which opened doors for our variety of products. Our range of products include Idli/ Dosa Batter, Ready-to-eat Chettinadu Milagai Chutney and other kitchen fresh food products. We preserve our natural foods but not with preservatives.We provide the conventional food in an unconventional way.We assure you with good mood with delicious breakfast.


   To preserve the quality & taste of our country's very own flavors and to revolutionize it

   To become the most trusted brand of kitchen fresh foods all over the world.


   To create an awareness that the growth of technology helps us preserve our tradition and time but it does not spoil it.

"Don't just eat and enjoy food,lets CELEBRATE FOOD"

Chairman Message

Dr. Bhargavi R

   MPR food products works To provide the bliss of Indian traditional food products, to break the myth about packed food products, to convert the process of cooking into a celebration and to bring a healthy kitchen revolution